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About Us

Company History

Mr. Leon Faber Founded Faber Engineering Company in 1926, in Philadelphia, PA

In 1968, the company merged with E. Keeler Co. and moved to Williamsport, PA

The business was sold to Tampella Power Corp. in 1989, where it was relocated to a modern facility in Williamsport's Industrial Park.

Former employees of Tampella Power Corp. purchased the assets of the burner division and changed the name to Faber Burner Co. In 1996, they started operations in Lock Haven, PA. (Tampella Power continued in the boiler manufacturing business.)

By 2006, Faber Burner Co. had outgrown its current location and expanded to a new 13 acre property in Lock Haven Industrial Park.

To prepare for additional work from the natural gas industry, we expanded the facility in 2010, by building a 2500 square foot Pipe Fabrication Shop.

In 2011 the parent company, Faber Burner Company, officially announced the opening of FaberFab to direcly serve the Natural Gas Industry. A Sandblasting facility was added, as well as a large scale paint booth.

A substantial increase in business in 2012, due to the Natrual Gas Industry, allowed Faber to nearly double its workforce. A second floor was completed to accommodate additional engineers and support personnel.

Current expansion plans for 2014 include building a new 5400 square foot shop and acquiring addtional property.