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Project Profiles

Products and Project Profiles

See How FaberFab Has Helped Our Customers Meet Their Needs!

Paddle Blinds, Paddle Spacers and Spectacle Blinds
Pipeline & Compressor Station Pipe Fabrication
Triple Jointing Stainless Steel Pipe
Mud Tank Upgrade
Top Drive Dolly
304 & 316 Stainless Steel (Alloy) Pipe Fabrication

• Fresh Water Pumping Stations
• Tank Farms
Rig Ups - (New Rigs That Move Into The Area)

• Flow Lines      • Floor Grating
• Mud Lines       • Cellar Covers
• Handrailing
Rig - Day To Day Operations (Maintenance & Repairs)

• Field Welders Available 24/7
• Upgrades / Repairs
• Install/Test Well Heads
Gas Busters