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Rig - Maint. & Repairs

Rig - Day To Day Operations
(Maintenance & Repairs)

Summary: During day to day operations of a rig there are repairs and maintenance issues that hinder or halt the drilling operation.

- We are a "One Stop Shop" we can offer anything a drilling rig needs in terms of shop / field fabrication, machining, and piping systems less API pipe threading services. We have a huge inventory of plate, structural shapes, grating, pipe and pipe fittings available to our customers 24/7.

- All our welders that perform welding operations on drillings rigs are certified for all position welding of A-36 carbon steel and all position welding of A - 572 grade 50.

- All our pipe welders are certified in our welding procedures (any position) for plain A-53 carbon steel pipe to X-65 grade up to 0.75 inch wall thickness.

For Day To Day Operations Faber Provides The Following Services:

1. 24 hr field welders on call to make repairs, install and cutoff conductors, install and test well heads and do long string cutoffs:

2. Machine shop / welding repairs of washed our high pressure modules and flanges:

3. Make major upgrades and repairs during rig moves and setups similar to the services offered during a new rig up: Click Here For More Info!