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Rig Sub Upgrades

Drilling Rig Substructure Upgrades

Explanation: Customer wanted to modify their high pressure stand pipe, add a new lifting system for their BOP, and add two heavy duty removable (for transport) arms to support the doghouse on the side of the Rigs substructure.

List of some of the things FaberFab did on this project:
  • Installed new lifting lugs and arms inside the sub for lifting of the BOP - All metal used was A572 Grade 50
  • Removed existing pipe supports and 4" Sch160 stand pipe, lengthened per customer drawings, welded joints back together, Pipe welds x-rayed per API 1104
  • Modified side of sub to allow for removable support arms for doghouse (see images below where 1 support arm is lifted into place)