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Rig Ups - (New Rigs)

Rig Ups - (New Rigs That Move Into The Area)

Summary: These rigs consist of modules and usually the interconnecting piping, flow lines, mudlines, floor grating, handrailing and cellar covers that are not complete or need modified before day to day rig operations can begin.

- We are a "One Stop Shop" we can offer anything a drilling rig needs in terms of shop / field fabrication, machining, and piping systems less API pipe threading services. We have a huge inventory of plate, structural shapes, grating, pipe and pipe fittings available to our customers 24/7.

- All our welders that perform welding operations on drillings rigs are certified for all position welding of A-36 carbon steel and all position welding of A - 572 grade 50.

- All our pipe welders are certified in our welding procedures (any position) for plain A-53 carbon steel pipe to X-65 grade up to 0.75 inch wall thickness.

For Rig Ups Faber Provides The Following Services:

1. Hand rails, grating, storage cabinets, safety guards, and splash guards:

2. Safety signs to encircle the site:

3. Hinged cellar covers:

4. All the flow lines from the conductor to the cyclone separators and shaker slides or dust buster for air drilling. We shop fabricate the cyclones, slider pipes and all the other piping we can then have our field welders complete the field welding working with the rough necks to install the piping.:

5. Mud tank modifications, piping, access doors and valve operators:

6. High pressure mud lines (shop fabricated and field installed) and mud pump suction strainers :

7. Pipe storage racks, cross over ramps and adjustable pipe stands and supports:

8. Gas busters:

10. Miscellaneous pins, lifting lugs and attachments. We can provide anything that is needed for a new rig installation.